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Thermal Simulation of Electronics

Future Facilities was found 2004 by leading thermal simulation engineers and scientists. Driven by the desire to be innovative and to offer the electronics design market a tool that is simple to use, exceptionally powerful and very accurate, 6SigmaET was launched in 2009. In the intervening years, Future Facilities' team has refined and developed their suite of thermal simulation tools, rapidly becoming the gold standard for thermal simulation worldwide and many customers did replace their existing simulation tool with 6SigmaET. The goal is to provide a tool with many unique features which enables PCB designers as well as thermal experts to get reliable results on thermal effects on printed circuit boards.

The challenge for thermal simulation software is to offer a design and verification solution for the whole design process.

It brings new levels of prediction and productivity to electronics cooling design. Thanks to its ease-of-use, it overcomes many of the problems that have plagued analysis tools from the beginning. You no longer need specific know how to get useful results. The tool offers substantial automation and intelligence so it can be used by electrical or mechanical engineers as well as by thermal experts. 6SigmaET makes available a broad range of intelligent modelling objects, which enables you for fast what-if analysis based on information from data sheets.