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FloWare Panelization

FloWare in PCB Editor
PCB Fabrication Panel
PCBs are manufactured often in fabrications panels. If the placement is not done by the external manufacturing company, the PCB designer can use the FloWare module Panelization to do it himself. Just open a new blank project in OrCAD PCB Editor or Allegro PCB Editor and place a manufacturing frame and fiducials. Now you can place routed designs multiple times in the panel. The design data will be linked with x and y coordinates and rotation information. While placing a design on the panel you can see the dimensions as a preview. Multiple placements of the design will automatically add a defined prefix to each instance of the design to avoid naming conflicts (duplicates). You can still use all output routines of PCB Editor

Panelization has some placement support for mirror, rotation by angle, place groups/arrays of the same design with parametric offsets. All information about the panel is stored in the database and with one click all designs will be imported and updated, when there were changes in the base design.