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The PCB Tools OrCAD and Allegro from Cadence support user programming languages like SKILL and TCL to create customer specific add ons. FlowCAD offers you a set of Apps which are robust and made more general to be used by multiple users.
If you don't find the app what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact FlowCAD for a quote for your custom made app licensed only for your company. FlowCAD offers also training classes for programming you own apps in cooperation with the Cadence trainings center in Munich.


FloWare apps are licensed per customer site (location). If a company has i.e. two R&D locations with 15 designers each, only 2 licenses per app need to be purchased. The software can be installed and used in parallel for all users at this location. If you are interested in all apps, there are special prices available.


Installation of FloWare code is made simple. You need to copy the FloWare directory into your environment directory PCBENV and add two lines of code in your ALLEGRO.ilinit configuration file. Nothing will be installed of changed on your computer with an installation process. From your Menu in the tools you can execute the scripts.


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